Flexa App Launches New Crypto-to-Fiat Connector Allowing Users to Buy Starbucks Straight From Their Phones

The new Flexa app bridges the gap between crypto and fiat allowing users to make payments online with the retailers they know and love by means of specific payment procedures. The app has announced the launch of their new beta version publishing a teaser clip on the social media platform Twitter that demonstrates the apps ability to purchase Starbucks products using Bitcoin straight from the user’s smartphone.

The Future is Now

The trending app supports a wide range of digital currencies including its native token, Flexacoin, as well as more mature currencies including Ether, Bitcoin, and Litecoin. The app functions by offering wallets for each individual crypto token supported on its interface.

Once a user is ready to make a payment, they can ready their wallets by first scanning a QR code. The app will then be ready to purchase any goods or services by swiping their smartphone on a merchant supported payment device.

Traditional Versus Digital

From an internal perspective, the Flexa Network structure is able to trade the chosen digital currency users want to spend for traditional currency and proceeds to release the equivalent amount to the seller. Although merchants will be required to pay a certain commision fee to the Flexa company, the minimal cost outweighs the benefit for merchants as well as allows payments to be free for all users.

In response to the Twitter hype created around the new release, one Tweet pointed out that although the technology has taken nearly a decade for users to purchase simple goods online such as a takeaway pizza to now having the ability to purchase daily needs in person off one's phone. Regardless of the slowly growing awareness and integration into mainstream payment processes, general reactions are excited to finally be at this point of bitcoin usage.

Flexa, among several other digital currency converter solutions, appears to be gaining speed as a leader among crypto-based apps in terms of successfully entering the market.  For users who can’t wait to test it out, a downloadable version can be requested directly from the production team from the Flexa website.

2 years ago

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