Five Craziest Feats by John McAfee

John McAfee is a well-established figure in the cryptocurrency ecosystem known for pulling off some of the craziest quick-profit schemes and spreading conspiracy theories throughout the environment, spreading entertainment throughout the down trending market. Whether BTC climbs or drops in price, John McAfee is there to pull off another related stunt. In memory of five of his craziest ventures, here’s a list to refresh on.

1. One Million

In 2017, John McAfee boldly predicted that the price of Bitcoin would climb to one million USD by the year 2020. Additionally, he’s made several abrupt and insane statements and predictions in the past, including that BTC, will climb to around $15K by June and plummet the following month. He also stated that the US President will meet with officials in Japan to discuss a US currency supported by gold. Another prediction is that BTCP will also climb over the $200 USD marker in July. At some point, he was even caught saying that he has never delivered a false prediction.

2. 2020

McAfee also ran for the presidency twice, with reports stating that the cybersecurity expert believed that replacing Medicare with experimental blockchain technology, essentially and allegedly supplying free healthcare to all individuals and substituting walk-in clinics with online medicinal telecommunication services acquiring funds by selling data.

3. Two Initial Coin Offerings

Following the heavy and painful drop of the cryptocurrency market since the beginning of this year and no longer satisfied with other ICOs, McAfee decided to initiate his own initial coin offering. As expected, many believed the cybersecurity legend’s own ICO to be a massive success due in part to his reputation and his ICO shilling expertise.

Unfortunately, the initial coin offering failed and McAfee was the only ICO initiator to see a complete fail in a time where many are pouring incredible funds into almost any possible startup or idea. Another doomed project by McAfee after his ICO fail was a physical fiat note named the Redemption unit.

4. Feud

Over the previous months, since this year began, John McAfee has been heavily disputing with HitBTC, a cryptocurrency exchange, over the fact that McAfee was denied Docademic’s posting on the platform.

Additionally, HitBTC has built a reputation of several flops and McAfee targeting them as a source of his anger given how the unusual exchange platform had essentially denied an application that allows users to speak to any doctors they choose over Skype.

5. Unbreakable

One of John’s latest whacky ventures is the newly designed hardware wallet claimed to be unhackable in every single way. A large reward was offered to every individual that managed to hack the unhackable, as McAfee attempted to dare anyone criticizing his claims to try hacking into his new wallet.

Shortly after, Bitfit claimed that they had successfully broken into the unhackable wallet, managing to hack their way through into its root access. On the other hand, McAfee’s wallet seems to be a simple seed to a key converter. McAfee then replied vulgarly towards Bitfit, demanding that they either remove the reward money from within the device or retract their claims of hacking into the wallet.

2 years ago

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