Fintech Village in Connecticut Under Development

While the crypto-sphere continues drawing more participants from every sector on the planet, Seven Stars Cloud is not a name commonly accompanied with any BTC or alternation coin news. Bruno Wu, the Chief Executive Officer, is currently developing his new financial technology village in Connecticut. The village is meant to act as a central hub for all innovative technology involving crypto, robotics and machine learning.

The Village

As per any attempt at constructing a project related to financial technology, massive funding is needed to launch such initiatives. Bruno Wu of Seven Stars Cloud is readily equipped with the necessary funding given his reputation and accumulated wealth. With his wide-range expertise, understanding, and experience in the industry, the CEO is looking to launch his new tech-village as a center-point for all innovators and acting as a base of operations for many rapidly climbing industries.

The new hub will prioritize three different sectors, robotics, machine learning and crypto which is an interesting concept due to the regulation craze surround BTC and alternative coins. Apart from the $300 million Fintech village, Wu is also dedicated to creating a related college in the area. Accreditation will be acquired through several collaborations with other educational institutes. The new course will be dedicated to education on blockchain-tech and A.I.

Good News

The triple-focus of the village pinpoints a few vital details. Focusing on crypto will undoubtedly benefit the entire industry as BTC and alternative coins are integrating into financial tech, primarily due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are viewed and operate differently in terms of storage and transfers.

Side by side with DLT, the crypto industry is opening many new employment opportunities. As a result, expertise in fintech is constantly searched for as many companies attempt to hire the best and brightest minds. Educating others on the technology properly and informatively is difficult, although Wu has expressed full confidence that his company will be able to relay education accordingly.

The demand for talent related to crypto and blockchain understand and expertise is skyrocketing and will shape the entire crypto-block industry into a stronger and more secure one. As for Fintech Village, no official dates or statements have been made regarding its launch.

2 years ago

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