Family at the Center of BTC Scam Plead Innocent

The family that was caught in the middle of a BTC investment scam claim that they were not at all involved in this situation, which is related to a Finish investor named Aarni Otava Saarimaa who supposedly lost 797 million Thai Baht’s worth of cryptos.


During a news conference that took place in Bangkok, the Jaravijit family asserted their innocence in relation to this case.

They Don't Know What Cryptos Are

Mr. Jiratpisit is 27 years old and works as an actor. He insisted in the conference that he doesn’t have any knowledge of cryptocurrencies. He further noted that he doesn’t know Saarimaa personally as he only met the Finish investor and his  girlfriend one time when the Finn had dinner with his eldest brother, Prinya.

He explained further that he was aware that Saarimaa had business with Prinya and a few others, but he didn't know what that business was about and he claimed that he was not involved.

The actor said that he has been very cooperative with authorities in regards to this case and that he wasn’t planning on fleeing anywhere. He also mentioned that the family had managed a restaurant in the Si Racha area of Chon Buri for about fifty years, long before ever meeting the investor. He complained that the police have summoned his parents in regards to charges of money laundering when they don't know anything about the issue at all. Despite his parents having the opportunity to request bail, he said he was fearful that it would not be granted.

Ms. Supitcha explained that she was never involved in any stock trading activities nor created any accounts in relation to digital funds. She shared that she had to ask Mr. Jiratpisit about the meaning of bitcoin after her arrest. She said her father is an 80-year-old man who stands accused of laundering money when people and also banks in the area they live know very well that he has money.

Awaiting Release of Eldest Brother

Mr. Thanasit wondered why the young Finn investor (21 years old) had chosen to invest a huge amount of money in Thailand. He said that he is currently waiting for Prinya to be allowed bail and to speak publicly on this issue. When asked about whether he knew about the money that was transferred to his own account, he claimed he thought it was from business dealings between Prinya and Saarimaa.

Moreover, the attorney representing the family said that the transactions of the family will be regarded as evidence to refute this case.

Last January, Mr. Saarima and Chonnikan Kaewkasee, a business woman, filed a report with the authorities claiming a loss of BTC worth 797 million Thai Baht to Prinya and his family, who should have invested the money in 3 companies the previous year.

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