Fake Trezor Wallets Threaten Online Users, China Floods Rampage Through Mining Fields

In light of the notorious number of scams and hacking attempts within the cryptocurrency industry, Trezor is the latest company to be dealing with a new malicious attempt at tricking its users into handing over their information.

A fake site, portraying itself as the original Trezor wallet website, has been circulating around and gathering users’ information by inviting them to the web address of the fake site. Trezor has made several announcements to notify its users about the latest scam.

While Trezor has said that it has yet to identify the attacking party, the fake website has been shut down. While this particular method isn’t new by any means, Trezor continues to urge any and all of its users to voice any untrustworthy sites.


Sichuan province in China is a digital currency mining hub due to its cost-efficient and resourceful water-powered electricity supply. With its unpredictable weather, local miners are seeing incredibly destructive floods which are affecting the mining scene on a global scale.

With no power to fuel the mining equipment due to constant flooding, machines have seen their hash processing rate drop, which as reports state, has been affecting the Bitcoin hash rate internationally.

Qiwi Crypto Bank

Qiwi, a monetary service platform in Russia, is seeing some of its own employees embark on a new path: they launched an initiative to open a separate company meant to aid initial coin offerings.

According to Qiwi’s director, the company assists others with raising the appropriate funds to get it started, and only receives its pay once the company it helps has raised enough funds on the market. Qiwi already works with ten different clients with the largest fund resting at a whopping one hundred million dollars.

Tzero Shakes Hands with Hong Kong

Tzero has recently made announcements of a new partnership with GSR Capital as part of an effort to join in on its Security Token Offering. About $160M in token offerings will be bought by GSR, averaging at ten dollars per token, as part of the future equity agreement.

All profits from the current deal will be poured into building a token exchange which will be regulated by the United States.

CEO of Overstock, the company which controls Tzero, said that what the company was doing with this deal would take the industry to a new level and will change how local and foreign markets function on a global scale.

2 years ago

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