Fake News Website Promotes BTC Startup with New Zealand PM’s Image

A site flagged for its production of false news utilized an image of New Zealand’s PM, Jacinda Ardern, in order to boost articles all over Facebook in order to give a BTC startup a credibility boost.


According to reports by local news sources, multiple posts labelled “sponsored” on Facebook users' news feed featured a photo of Ardern alongside captions discussing an investment path for citizens of NZ.

The sponsored posts had links to a fake news website that seems to imitate CNN Tech, and touted articles allegedly claiming that NZ’s Treasury Department agreed to a $250 million buyout of a corporation named Bitcoin Revolution.

Actions Taken

After the posts were exposed and seen by Ardern's office, they submitted a ticket to the Facebook ad management team, who ultimately took them down.

This does not seem to be the first incident with fake sites using Ardern’s image in regards to crypto promoting. A representative from her office said that there are so many fake news ads circulating that it’s becoming too difficult for them to discover and take them all down.

Social media is becoming a hotbed for fake crypto campaigns. Just this week, a Twitter profile with official verifications claiming to be Elon Musk was given permission to promote a crypto scam.

2 years ago

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