Facebook and Google Rethink Crypto-ad Bans and Major Coins see Gains

The world’s largest social media giant, Facebook, granted Coinbase permission to advertise cryptocurrencies and initial coin offering companies, a new step since its previous decision to ban any crypto-ads. On the 21st of July, Brian Armstrong, the chief executive officer of Coinbase took to Twitter, announced that Facebook has finally whitelisted the company.


In his post, the CEO said that the ban on crypto-ads by Facebook took place earlier in 2018 and that the company is over-joyous of the new decision and plans on drawing in more individuals to its system. Over 160 individuals commented on the post, cheering and praising the new whitelisting. 

Elsewhere, Google is slowly accepting cryptocurrencies, adding BTC, Bitcoin Cash, ETH and LTC as part of the websites exchange rate conversion tool. Each of these coins will have their rates displayed when searched for on Google although the rates displayed will be different than those displayed by CoinMarketCap. Sergey Brin, one of Google’s founders also admitted to ETH mining with his son aged 10. 

The top ten currencies have seen a positive start since this week with BTC breaking past its previous resistance and climbing past $7700, gaining a total of 4 percent daily. Ethereum jumped to $467, a mere one percent but still within the green zone and Ripple has seen a two percent climb. Additionally, BCH is currently trading at $827 on the dollar.

2 years ago

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