Exrates Сryptocurrency Exchange announces a partnership with CryptoMood

“CryptoMood service is intended for traders and investors who spend plenty of time and effort studying news, articles and opinions on various e-sources about crypto. The product monitors news feeds from more than 50,000 sources which include major social media, discussion forums and media outlets. Currently, CryptoMood processes roughly 122, 000 articles every month, the same amount of data would take human brain around 11 months to process”, - noted Amir Mamaghani,  CEO of CryptoMood.

How does CryptoMood work?

The methods CryptoMood uses to aggregate, group and rank market data is the result of 2 years of academic research and development by top experts in AI, machine learning and natural language processing.

Using unmatched CryptoMood sentiment tools like aggregated live feed and sentiment indicators traders have the ability to receive the latest news and influencers’ mentions of Bitcoin and altcoins in real-time.

How would this benefit Exrates users?

Thanks to the partnership with CryptoMood, Exrates users will be able to optimize their time spent on signal search, fundamental analysis and browsing of cryptocurrency news and opinions. CryptoMood will provide a powerful live feed widget combined with whale movements tracking and customized sentiment indicators for advanced traders. The next step is the launch of the service on Exrates the platform.

Stay tuned!

1 year ago

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