Experts Explain Why Blockchain Is Bad For Voting

However, a group of experts think otherwise.


Why Blockchain In Voting Is A Bad Idea

Voting has been identified as one sector where the blockchain technology can be deployed. However, a group of researchers have come out to question the capability of blockchain in the electoral process.

The three researchers drawn from Initiative for CryptoCurrencies and Contracts have wondered if the system will transform the sector or destroy it.

They made their concerns public through an article published by the Business Insider. They acknowledged the fact that blockchain had made a positive impact in other sectors, but the case might not be the same when it comes to voting via the internet. They stated that blockchain might destroy the voting process.

In the article, they start by explaining why blockchain has been considered as an option to promote voting. The fact that stands out is that the crypto industry  has the ability to change almost every sector from payment to logistics. However, the scholars argue that blockchain cannot solve all other issues associated with online voting.

Voting on a mobile phone can be seen as a revolutionary technological advancement. But cybersecurity experts believe that this process comes with a number of complications that might be hard to address. Smartphone voting can lead to a high voter turnout since it is more convenient.

According to Ron Rivest from MIT, transferring voting to an online platform is the key, Rivest in addition to his university duties, serves on the board of Verified Voting.

Blockchain technology is considered to be very secure but scholars see another side to it. They argue that even with a security guarantee, it does not mean that all software and hardware are protected from external attacks. Additionally, we also have internet outages that can occur frequently.

At the moment, Russia is in the hot seat  over interference in the 2016 US elections. A number of experts are still cracking heads to determine the impact of the interference. From this case, foreign rival countries can explore vulnerabilities in the available systems to manipulate the outcome of elections. With blockchain rolled out for transparency, it does not guarantee safety from such factors.

With internet voting, cases of vote buying might easily arise. Combating this vice might be hard due to the anonymity associated with blockchain systems.

2 years ago

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