Expert Pokes Holes Into Blockchain Voting Idea

West Virginia is set to roll out a pilot project under blockchain voting. Some cybersecurity experts believe it to be a misguided idea.


Security Questions Over Blockchain Voting

Blockchain technology can be used in a number of industries. The latest one being voting. In the United States, the state of West Virginia is set to deploy the technology to carry out a test on mobile voting for US military members. However, a renowned cybersecurity expert has advised against the move.

According to a recent report by Yahoo, Bradley Tusk, a venture capitalist stated that if using blockchain, US might experience higher voter turn out in future elections. In a response to the article, Joe Hall a cybersecurity expert said the initiative by West Virginia is ridiculous. Hall is a director of internet architecture at the Center for Democracy and Technology.

Hall pointed out that voting using a mobile phone is a bad idea, and West Virginia should rethink the plan. He stated that incorporating blockchain with mobile phone voting might not bring in the desired results. Hall acknowledged that the system has a number of benefits but they outweigh the disadvantages.. He singled out the security of the internet as a major factor.

He said that servers and networks on computers and mobile phones are not secure and that might pose a great risk to the entire process. Hall pointed out that voting agencies lack the financial muscle to curb fraud, unlike banks. He highlighted that in the event a vote is tampered with, then detecting such a breach is not possible. He further brought in the role of quantum computers, which might aid in tracking an individual’s entire behaviour online.

He projected that in the next two decades, people might be able tell who their neighbour voted for. He termed such a move as unacceptable.

A recently released study indicated that about 60% of Americans who are eligible to vote, hold the view that we should have laws permitting the donation of digital currencies in federal elections. They want the rules to be the same to those applying on dollar donations.

The study was conducted by Clovr. Of the total number of participants, 21% held the contrary opinion. The survey came at a time when North Carolina and California outlawed using bitcoin to donate towards political activities.

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