Expert Explains Why Jamming Occurs On the XRP Blockchain

A senior official at Ripple has explained why jams emerge during transactions under the blockchain. According to CTO David Schwartz, challenges can be experienced when jams happen.

He noted that bitcoin is the only crypto with high chances of experiencing jams because it does not work as an account. Schwartz notes when participants refer to the bitcoin send to them during a transaction, it’s when problems occur. The reference to a user ID has been cited as the cause of all problems. If the ID goes against expectations, invalidation of transactions becomes the next level.

He said that if a client has many transactions, that utilizes their colleagues efforts and someone alters the transaction ID, then the system records jams.

On Mt. Gox, Schwartz stated that jams on the system started to occur when users assumed that it was secure to use the outputs of their own transactions. He added that if a user alters the signs and transaction IDs, the following transaction will be invalidated.

On the other hand, if a user initiates more transactions anchored on the earlier one, the whole blockchain ends up being jammed. He noted that is where troubles with Mt.Gox began.

Schwartz holds the view that all stakeholders are affected by jamming. He confirmed that the system will stop if the miner initiates a transaction with output generated on transaction ID.

In conclusion, the expert said that the fate of Bithumb and Mt. Go was due to malleability. They were churning out bitcoins to clients who intended to withdraw, they lost track of what they were sending.

2 years ago

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