Exodus Finally Support XRP & TUSD, Introducing Exodus 1.58.0

Exodus has introduced a highly-demanded feature to their wallet: the inclusion of XRP and TUSD stablecoins. The announcement was official on Twitter on August 17th, 2018.

Although the Windows version is still in progress, now smartphone and Mac users are able to update the app and finally have the ability to manage their XRP savings directly from the app wallet. They will also be able to freely exchange XRP through the app.


While sending XRP requires a destination tag, users who intend to receive XRP do not need to go that far as the update gives them the flexibility to receive tags using only their receiving address. Sending would require the users to enter the amount in the advanced options.

Adding TSUD has been a frequent request by the users to the app developers. The community has always asked, via social media platforms, for the inclusion of a stablecoin in their wallet. The long wait was because, as stated by the team, of the fact that stablecoins that act like fiat assets are likely to destroy their profits in case the market is damaged.

The transparency of the announcement added more trust to their existing user base, causing them to bombard the comment section with appreciation and supporting words for the new update.

2 years ago

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