Executive Change on the Cards for Coincheck, Monex Inc

Operating on brokers TradeStation, Coincheck, and Monex Inc, Monex Group has announced a shift in its management operations. The change will be visible in the Coincheck and Monex Inc group companies after the resignation of Kiyoshi Tamura. Kazunaga Nakajima is due to take over as the financial auditor of the Monex Inc as of Thursday.

Kiyoshi Tamura had serving the Monex Group for years- he became a senior director and manager of the company in July of 2014. While serving the designation as the MD and senior exec director, as a part of the business dev strategy of Monex, Tamura was conferred the title of general manager.

Tamura Joins Coincheck

After serving in Monex Inc for a sufficient period, Kiyoshi Tamura has submitted his resignation, but he is not leaving the Monex Group. He will henceforth be serving in Coincheck, situated in Tokyo, Japan.

Coincheck was recently in headlines when the firm incurred a hefty loss after the alleged largest crypto theft to date, where the hackers stole more than $530 million of crypto tokens. Tamura will now be serving as the company’s executive director.

After the massive theft of tokens last  April, the Monex Group collaborated with Coincheck through a whopping $33.5 million deal. In July, it was seen that although Monex Group had higher revenue subsequently even after the acquisition, Coincheck’s operations remained subtle.

2 years ago

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