Exclusive Offer for Bithumb’s New Overseas Clients

Bithumb, a cryptocurrency exchange located in South Korea, will be providing an exclusive offer to new overseas customers in the period between October 15 and November 14. The company is targeting new clients abroad that register on the platform during the offer period, which is due to provide many benefits to the clients who close deals of KRW 20 million in Bithumb Cash.


Offer Conditions

Through the offer period, Bithumb's global clients can win 20,000 in Bithumb Cash. New overseas clients who close deals of KRW 20 million (approx. $17,490) could have a chance to win. Bithumb will provide the benefits between December 3 and December 7 in successive order.

Bithumb’s marketing head Andy Choi expressed his appreciation for Bithumb’s overseas clients and said that there are plans to hold many events in the name of this appreciation. Currently, Bithumb is hosting Super Airdrop Festival Season 2 and a Cryptocurrency Transaction Fee Refund Event.

Bithumb’s Increased Activity

Bithumb launched Bithumb DEX, its decentralized platform, whose base currency will be Ethereum (ETH). This platform was launched in cooperation with BGEX and OneRoot Network. It is expected that Bithumb will use MetaMask, which is an Ethereum-based browser wallet with 10 coins paired with Ethereum.

Also, not long ago, BK Global Consortium bought Bithumb. BK Global Consortium is blockchain investment entity established by BK Global, a plastic surgery medical group in Singapore, for about $353 million. The consortium will become the biggest shareholder when a 50% + 1 share is bought of BTC Korea Holdings stake.

The consortium plans to introduce a US dollar-pegged stablecoin that may be utilized to make the payment system stable, as per an official in the consortium.

2 years ago

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