Ex-Chief Strategist to the US President Announces His Own Cryptocurrency

President Donald Trump’s former head strategist, Steve Bannon, has confirmed any reports regarding the launch of his very own digital coin. 

The Future

In an interview on the 18th of July and speaking to CNBC, co-founder of Breitbart, an online Syndicate news publication, explained that cryptocurrencies were the future of monetary systems around the world. He then also spoke about the development of a few digital coins, possibly utility coins for commercial purposes as part of an international movement by the people.

The idea of creating his own cryptocurrency was first exposed earlier this year in June although many plans were kept hidden regarding their details due to a concern of revealing too much information as reports state. During the presidential campaigns of 2016, SoS and one of the presidential candidates, Hillary Clinton, referred to the current president’s supporters as “deplorable”, a name that Bannon considered calling his token. 

On the 18th, the former presidential advisor discussed the crypto-sphere from a larger perspective, speaking about how he believes digital currencies have a clear and impactful role to play in the future, despite several issues related to crypto-markets and concerns regarding their use.

Following his explanation, he stated that almost all initial coin offerings have been huge failures and stressed on the fact that his new cryptocurrency being developed must present proper quality. He also referred to other digital coins operating in markets around the world, stating that he owned bitcoin’s, the world’s first and leading cryptocurrency. 

2 years ago

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