Evan Cheng Becomes Facebook’s Director Of Blockchain Engineering

During Facebook’s latest status positioning, Evan Cheng has become the company’s newest engineering director in charge of blockchain tech. 

Facebook already assigned a team to study and research blockchain technology under the supervision of David Marcus, and the new shift in positions suggests that Facebook is getting more involved in DLT.


As per Cheng’s LinkedIn account, the former programmer at Facebook is now the Director of Engineering and Blockchain. Before joining Facebook, Cheng worked at Apple for almost a decade as a senior manager.

Previous Experience


Apart from his work at Facebook, Evan also acts as a consultant to new startups by providing advice regarding blockchain technology.


According to a source involved in the blockchain community, Facebook’s recent decision to appoint Cheng as the Director proves that the company is deeply interested in the technology and not only “exploring”. 

By assigning Cheng to his new position, this highlights the importance behind Facebook’s blockchain research due to the expertise the new director will provide, as well as his intricate knowledge on the matter.


Evan Cheng is not the only employee to be assigned a new vital role in regards to the blockchain group at Facebook. Kevil Weil has been assigned as Vice President of Product, Blockchain within the company. Weil also served as VPP of Instagram prior to his new position.

2 years ago

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