European Securities Watchdog to Report on ICO Guidelines by 2019

European controllers are evaluating how to regulate ICO’s to safeguard digital transactions. It is because of the increasing security sales as reported by Reuters recently. 


The statement given by Steven Maijoor to the parliamentary committee on economic matters demonstrates that some ICO’s are similar to financial instruments. Therefore, they should operate within the set regulatory framework in Europe. Discussions are underway regarding how to monitor other ICO’s in the industry. Such a step will increase investor’s confidence.

Regulator’s Concerned About Unregulated ICO’s

Controllers are in a dilemma about unregulated ICO’s. Currently, they have not come up with a solution to deal with such issues. They are expected to report about it this year. This information came earlier before ESMA disclosed its intentions of monitoring cryptocurrencies next year. It had a budget that surpasses €1 million for these activities.

Furthermore, the agency wants to invest €1.1 million to fund financial invention activities. Some of these activities include crypto assets. ESMA’s main goal was to achieve an organized method of monitoring the fresh original financial activities.

Besides, the watchdog wants to gather advice from all the stakeholders in the industry. It will consult clients and market participants. No further details were given on this issue.

EU Markets Controller Budget €1.1 million to Regulate Cryptos Fintech.

EU’s financial markets regulator has set aside more than €1 million to monitor the digital market activities during 2019. The watchdog feels that these resources are needed to bring sanity in the sector.

ESMA has already highlighted its primary priorities for 2019. It released these priorities in September 26 in its work programme. ESMA will use this information to allocate resources and assign duties to the staff members. Proper planning will help the body to accomplish its goals on time.

The agency suggests that it has other duties apart from safeguarding economic bloc’s affairs. It also focuses on financial invention activities comprising crypto assets. ESMA identifies various problems linked to financial transactions.

It also integrates regional monitoring activities and promotes best practices. The agency takes appropriate action on several issues when need arises.

These are some of the goals that ESMA wants to achieve in 2019:

It wishes to carry out a framework founded on merchandise intervention controls provided by EU’s Markets.

The second deals with provision of agreements for differences (CFD’s) and binary choices to potential shareholders. Therefore, ESMA agency has banned auction of binary products to potential stockholders. It also prohibits promotion and delivery of CFD’s to retail stockholders. Opening positions will be prone to leverage limits.

Preventing use of incentives by a CFD provider and standardizing risk warning. ESMA further revealed that a time has come when strict rules should be imposed on CFD products.

2 years ago

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