Eurasian Mining Pool To Be Set Up In Chechnya

The relevant bodies are expected to present their proposals to Russian government agencies. 


All Set Ahead of Eurasian Mining Base

A government official has confirmed that Chechnya will set up a mining base for Eurasian. Upon completion, the project will join resources of miners from the Eurasian block.

The official, Alvi Karimov stated that the pool will be based in the Chechen Republic. The project comes after an agreement between Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov and Racib head Yuri Pripachkin.

Miners based in the region will see their resources pooled together for the course. According to Alvi, the entire initiative is aimed at boosting the Crypto Chechnya program. Under the program, Chechnya seeks to boost its economy through blockchain technology.

According to Dmitry Marinichev, an appointee of President Vladimir Putin, mining pool present a huge potential as a result of the cold weather in major areas. He added that cheap electricity supply will act as a major boost to mining of cryptos. 

Media reports indicate that Racib and the Chechen Republic will present their proposals to the Bank of Russia in the coming days. The proposal will contain details on how the pool will function within Russia’s regulatory framework.

Pripachkin further said that the mining base will only be rolled out after all the regulations under Russia have been met. Ahead of the autumn, the appropriations bill will be passed by the State of Duma. After the launch, concerned authorities will raise the taxes by at least by 10% a year.

Russia’s Current Mining Standings

Racib notes that mining base will boost Russia’s share of global production in the crypto sector. At the moment, Russia is believed to have 350, 000 private miners with numerous mining companies.

Last month, media reports indicated that Russia’s mining companies had risen by 15%. At the moment, Russia’s global mining share stands at 6%. At the moment, Russia has joined other countries in setting up cryptocurrency regulations. Already, three Bills are under the State of Duma for consideration. They have gone through the first reading while the second reading was postponed at spring at the final voting stage.

2 years ago

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