Ethos Sees Fifty Percent Increase After Crypto Wallet Announcements

Ethos tokens, a currency operating on the Ethereum network, was designed as a means of fueling several digital wallets and payment methods on the framework. The token saw a bidding of $1.2 after the its designers turned the attention of the market to an important scheduled statement by the company.

Following the information released by the company prior to the announcement, cryptocurrency traders reacted and the token maintained a bid of $1.5 throughout the weekend.


Many suggested that the announcement would reveal a deal was being made on Wall Street, although the company’s announcement later revealed to be their new Ethos Universal Wallet, a digital wallet designed to allow users to safely secure and store any of their coins on a portable device.



After the company released its digital wallet earlier this week, the investor community turned its attention the new tech. Ethos tokens saw a rise of $3.35 on Wednesday before dropping to $2, setting a new high since May.


As of now, Ethos tokens are at $1.90 in the exchange, and observing a fifty percent increase in its weekly transition as well as performing as one of the highest values Top 100 digital coins. Ethos also saw a 400 percent spike in its trading volume, which further solidified the climb in pricing.


Unfortunately, announcing that the intended software behind the coins design was not enough to result in significant record highs.

2 years ago

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