Ethfinex Unveils Blockchain Products During AMA Session

Ethfinex on Friday held a session with its community over current and future plans. The AMA session held on Reddit also entailed responding to queries from enthusiasts. The responders involved fans of Digix Global, District0x and The Abyss platforms.

Ethfinex powered by ethereum is a base for trading tokens. Through the module, engineers, and other stakeholders get a chance to interact and exchange ideas from the system.

Digix offers a contract that explores the maximum ability of ethereum’s peer-to-peer decentralized unity platform and IPFS concrete data. It then facilitates the generation of assets that can be moved to a blockchain. Digix is deemed transparent and can be audited.

Digix Co-founder, Shaun Djie, said that the idea of moving fees is linked to an already established governance model dubbed DigixDA. He noted that with time changes on the model will be reviewed. Djie further revealed that plans are underway to use the forum to host tokenized items.

On matters rolling out DGX into the crypto ecosystem, Djie said the process will entail moving into different markets.  Other chains might be deployed considering that the platform is blockchain agnostic.

Users on District0x will have an opportunity to come up with various networks. They are also able to take full charge of the networks. P.J Leimgruber, a senior official at District0x said that the platform is aiming to be the one stop shop for different markets. To achieve this goal, the platform has come up with d0xINFRA module which permitting districts to enforce outstanding features.

On matters real-world rollout, Leimgruber said at the moment, they are focusing on the firm’s dApps to improve service delivery for the customer.

On Abyss, the firm will deploy the platform to allocate and game interactions with an option of referral. The Abyss boss, Konstantin Boyko-Romanovsky, added that the Chinese market is the next target for the product.

2 years ago

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