Ethereum Won’t Go Up Again, predicts Tone Vays

Ethereum had a tough year: transition to Proof of Stake, Constantinople updates and sharp price drop. ETH has lost more than 85% of its value since the all-time highs at the beginning of 2018. And it is unlikely that the price will recover, according to the crypto trader Tone Vays.


“I don't think Ethereum is ever going to go up again. I think Ethereum is unscalable, I think they have way too much data. I think people in Ethereum are realizing that data storage and data transfer are expensive and they're not instant and they're not fast”, says Tone Vays in the interview with NakamotoJedi.

In early September, Vitalik Buterin - the creator of ETH - claimed that the crypto industry no longer had room for 1000 fold growth. Then he explained his phrase to the fact that it concerned only the price of cryptocurrency. But this did not deter criticism of the crypto community.

According to Tone Vays, Ethereum is just another “centralized platform” and Buterin is trying to lower expectations because he is under a lot of pressure.  Because he decided not to be anonymous like Satoshi Nakamoto.

“People don't realize that the reason why bitcoin is successful is that Satoshi was never found and he walked away. That is so critical. Ethereum is Vitalik, and Vitalik is Ethereum. And if Vitalik leaves Ethereum, I don't know if that's going to be good or bad”, thinks Tone Vays.

Moreover, according to Tone Vays, the founder of EHT is even dangerous to come to the US, because it can not be expected from far-out prospects.

 “If SCC announces that he created uncompliant security, which as I always said that he did, Buterin will be in serious trouble”, believes Tony.

2 years ago

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