Ethereum Will Acquire First Elite Domain Name

As part of a new collaboration, Ethereum users will be able to pin their own addresses to a top-level internet domain name as a means of simplifying recognition through assets, services and more.



Ethereum Name Service, or ENS, grants users on Ethereum the ability to add human-readable formats to the platforms domain as a means of replacing long and complex ones. ENS has collaborated with Minds + Machines Group (MMX), a firm that possesses and manages elite-level domain names through DNS.

Through an announcement on Friday, the new partnership will allow Ethereum users to log their addresses onto MMX’s upcoming .luxe domain name. It provides a much easier method of accessing blockchain features like decentralized applications and digital contracts. Additionally, MMX stated that the new domain name will offer a service that enables usernames to operate on traditional internet services like email and so on using the same account name for their ETH cryptos and services.

Head developer at ENS, Nick Johnson, stated that the company was looking forward to aiding in the development and advancement of DNS services and ENS as well as blockchain apps and participants. Additionally, he said that the new domain name, .luxe, will provide more options in regards to domains and a most more trusted platform for any ETH users. The company is also adamant about a high demand for .luxe and presents ENS as living proof of these claims. Chief Executive Officer Toby Hall stated that the through testing Ethereum and its .eth domain zone, high demand for these simply names and identifiers is evident and rising.

ENS was launched last year and promotes a programmed log permitting any user to register a name ending in .eth through a bidding war. As with prior reports, two identifiers, foundation.eth and exchange.eth were both bid on for almost $27K and $609K respectively, with the latter expressing just how high any name can be. Although the domain has yet to be released, its short registration phase will allow users on ENS to quickly grab their own domain names with .luxe.

2 years ago

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