Ethereum transactions trailing EOS dApps

Ethereum drop in transactions comes at time when many crypto lovers feel that it has failed to keep up with bitcoin. 


EOS dApps Dominating the Market

Latest data indicates that offerings anchored on EOS are recording high transaction volumes compared to Ethereum. Data provided by DappRadar, shows the increased trading volume, is due to many applications running on EOS. They are recording additional revenue in comparison with those backed by ethereum.

Gambling has been identified as a major contributor towards the increased trading volumes. EOSBet has been singled out as the major revenue generating EOS dApp.

Over the past few months, ethereum has been struggling to find its footing in the market.  The second largest crypto has dropped in value while at the same time suffering a negative public perception. Many believe that the crypto is not living up to expectations.

The data provided indicates that all is not lost for ethereum as it has a clear advantage.  Ethereum has an advantage when it comes to a big pool of users. If ranked on ethereum list, EOSKnights will come third. EOSKnights was the first game to operate on ethereum blockchain.

Four Cryptos Holding the lion’s Share in dApps

The crypto world has been debating about this number for a long time. It means that dApps need to accomplish certain goals since they have are not meeting expectations by investors at large.

Since 2017, dApps have been taking over by providing a platform for ICOs. ONT, EOS, and ETH have taken the lead when it comes to offering a base for dApp. 

The cryptos have led a huge number of their own offerings. For example, EOS has locked its ICO at $4 billion. To date, EOS has about 200 dApps under development on its blockchain. Data indicate, that 890 dAPPs are active under ethereum. In terms of developers, EOS has the largest number with approximately 250, 000 working on different projects.

To dApp lovers, they offer a new and unique way of applying the use of blockchain technology.  They argue that with the technology, the innovation will offer more than just money as it will be an un-censorable force to reckon with. 

However, other people hold a different ideology. They believe that the market has inferior versions of dApps that needs to be sorted out first. Many argue that the blockchain needs a revolution. Experts who view blockchain as the future hold the view that for rapid adoption, something needs to be done immediately. However, the major concern is weather people will deploy blockchain based on performance or ideologies held by others.


2 years ago

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