Ethereum Shakes Off Criticism to Maintain Market Stability

Ethereum is facing stiff competition from XRP. However, the second largest crypto seems to be performing well with a number of deals. 


Excitement As Ethereum Set To Unveil Hard Fork

Ethereum has maintained some level of stability in the market. A look the charts, ethereum is enjoying a healthy difference in terms of the market cap when compared to rival XRP.

At the moment, we have some excitement from ethereum lovers over the planned hard fork, Constantinople. The hard fork is facing scrutiny after a  number of queries were raised by an individual ehereum developer identified as Lane Rettig. Rettig published a report that highlighted some of the concerns he found with ethereum hard fork.

According to Rettig, we need to have an explanation regarding a bug that was discovered in the parity implementation of the ether blockchain. In a document, Rettig stated that we had confusion in regards to the meaning of words like transaction and execution frame. The confusion might have given birth to the bug.

Recently, ethereum made headlines again after an official from the team addressed the issue of clients under the direction of ethereum. The official pointed out that it was not that quick making it hard for rapid adoption.

Despite the negative press, ethereum has made some exciting announcements. The ethereum official revealed that communication chain was easy under the ether system. He pointed out that communication takes place between accounts and on the ledger only. He clarified on the issue of cross sharding communication and asynchronously. For the latter, it means that communication is done only within a transaction and the outcome is within the same transaction. He stated that such a model is expected since clients find it convenient.

Nouriel Roubini’s Sustained Attack On Ethereum Team 

Notably, ethereum has come under sharp attack from top global economist Nouriel Roubini. Roubini is on the record stating that he is not a fan of ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin.

Despite the attacks, ethereum seems to be moving on. Early this month, it was revealed that ethereum will be available for trading on Europe’s Dukascopy Bank. Under the deal with the exchange, ethereum will be traded alongside the dollar pair.

2 years ago

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