Ethereum-Powered Fundraising Platform Introduces Groundbreaking Initiative to Spark Social Change With Crypto

A digital money fundraising event is expected to take place soon. More than ten entities have joined together to ensure that the process is successful.


The organizations will work with a platform that backs nonprofits and industrialists who usually work for social causes. In this case, 250,000 marijuana convictions should be cleared by next year. Additionally, measures should be taken to safeguard internet privacy.

There are several individuals who will lend their support as advisors during the process. Some of these people include Vitalik Buterin, Michael Casey and Benedict Cha. Buterin was among the group that founded Ethereum.

Additionally, Casey and Cha work as advisors for MIT Digital Money and BitGo respectively. Therefore, this devolved platform for monetary products is expected to reach billions of individuals all over the globe who do not own bank accounts.

The platform was created on the Ethereum blockchain. Its main objective is to ensure that there is financial inclusion in the monetary sector. The startup is based in San Francisco and has begun raising funds.

Spring Will Link Shareholders With Nonprofits

Spring will now connect shareholders and digital adopters who have the intention to access nonprofits with their cryptocurrencies.

All the ETH contributions will match with Spring. These donations are currently valued at $100k for any individual who makes donations to nonprofits. The contribution-matching campaign is expected to continue until the end of November.

2 years ago

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