Ethereum Masterminds Express Optimism Towards The Future

During a talk at TechCruch Sessions in Zug, the brilliant minds behind Ethereum had a chat about the platform’s high potential and promising future, expressing their support and optimism towards Ethereum’s continued development.



One question pondered if anything could be changed to the system if given a reset, with developer Vitlak Buterin answering that many changes would have definitely been made to the platform with what they know today. He went on to provide further explanations, saying that development and growth was the only way to achieve the status of Ethereum today.


Vitlak went on to state that the company must upgrade its stability to provide the utmost level of service as demand for more public frameworks continues to rise. Karl Floersch, another of the three innovators speaking, addressed issues associated with the platform.


He spoke about introducing penalties for those who fail to produce guarantees, and that the economic actors, those that essentially shape an economy, we’re ill-equipped. He mentioned many new ideas the company is constantly testing despite a lack of stimuli.

Next Step


Ethereum 2.0 is posed to launch next year as the Casper Upgrade to the current platform. The 3.0 version is expected to follow once the proper measurements designed to support quantum processors have been developed and implemented.


Buterin credit Ethereum’s operational success to the like-minded team behind it. The programmer said that Ethereum’s roadmap was a leading factor in the platforms operation, crediting the community for continuously supporting the roadmap and the company’s vision since the beginning.  


Due to the clear path, all Ethereum users work together to achieve the same goal. Without one, interests might conflict on which path the technology should follow. Due to the global craze behind blockchain technology, the joint community effort shines on a bright future.

2 years ago

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