Ethereum Hard Forks Testing Postponed By Over A Week

A number of developers have warned that the system should be released as soon as possible because ethereum’s busiest season is around the corner. 


Why Ethereum Core Developers Are Postponing Constantinople

Ethereum core engineers have revealed that the launch of Constantinople has been pushed forward. The system is etherum’s next network upgrade on the test system.

APeter Szilagyi from the Ethereum Foundation made the announcement on Twitter stating that the postponement of the rollout was meant to help users. The delay is set to offer individuals and entities operating nodes on ethereum time to fix any security threats.

Additionally, the delay is geared towards providing room for Ropsten clients testing a number of ethereum projects. It will provide extra time to create an environment for a possible system division that might come up due to roll out of Constantinople.

Why Implementing Changes is Key

Changes on Constantinople will need a hard fork. We will have alterations on reward issuance, code application and information storage. For Ropsten, the nodes will have to implement the new upgrades simultaneously. If the changes are not implemented, we might have split into two different blockchains.

According to Lefteris Karapetsas from Raiden, testing can be hampered completely in the event we have a split on the Ropsten system. He was speaking to developers during a public forum about the delay.

A number of options have been fronted to curb any potential problems under the ether testnet. Alexey Akhunov an ethereum developer think that we can have another short-term testnet to Ropsten. Akhunov thinks that a separate testnet prior to the implementation can solve common problems in the code.

Constantinople will now be released in the next nine days. By estimation, it will block 4.23 million as per the agreement among ethereum core developers. The decision was also arrived at after consulting testnet and users too.

However, Szilagyi also issued a warning in case we have any delay in the release of Constantinople. He said that it will be a wrong idea because ethereum’s busiest season is coming up. Core developers are set to attend the annual developer conference to be held in Prague from October 30.

2 years ago

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