Ethereum Co-founder Dubs Berlin as Most Important Blockchain City

A report on the 25th of July states that Joseph Lubin, the co-creative mind behind Ethereum considers the most vital blockchain city in the world to be Berlin. 


According to him, Berlin possesses every key factor that puts it at the top of the blockchain industry including talent, foundation and expert developers and programmers.

Additionally, as a means of maintaining its position at the top, Lubin states that government officials must continue advertising and back blockchain as well as provide more opportunities to involve everyone.

Early Stages

Lubin believes that blockchain-tech is a new innovation in its basic form with almost unlimited potential growth. As of now, Lubin is focused on developing applications to place on Ethereum through another one of his companies, ConsenSys. He states that blockchain-tech and crypto will continue seeing bubbles like Bitcoin’s burst as previously seen at the $20K record high.

Despite a lacking interest in digital currencies, the co-founder has said that Bitcoin is not a negative factor and continuously fund markets and aid in the development of technology. 

He also mentions the next generation of the internet, referred to as Web 3.0 and speaks about how faulty the current one is as users cannot manage or control their own information privately and many big-time companies are profiting from their data. He believes that companies profiting off user data will continue and stresses the importance of restoring control to those that need it.

Speaking in an interview, the co-founder praised Buterin’s introduction of Ethereum and stated that at the time, Ethereum platforms and their description was among the most robust and confidence-inducing of that period. Through Ethereum, Lubin says that countless programmers create and develop their own tools without much concern for protocols that would otherwise hinder and restrict such achievements. Additionally, users can create their own applications for the internet and mobile devices and while providing their own solutions to any of their own issues that may occur.

2 years ago

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