Ether Suffers Constantinople Upgrade Stalls on Test Network

Ropsten, Ether’s test platform, has reportedly been put to a halt. The soon to approach Constantinople upgrade for Ether initially scheduled to activate on Ropsten however recent reports by Blockscout among others state that the Ropsten platform has come to a halt at block number 4,299,999.


According to Gitter Channel, Parity’s release manager, Afri Schoedon, claimed the halt was a result of an insufficient number of developer miners present on Ropsten’s platform needed to boost the coding upgrade forward. For this reason, although the hard-fork nicknamed Constantinople had been released on Ropsten, active miners were unable to successfully upgrade its program.

Schoedon also noted that Ether clients are currently stuck due to the unsuccessful establishment of a valid form of the Constantinople block not yet completed. He recommended Ether developers reboot upgraded Ropsen servers in order to mine the upgraded blocks. Numerous developers are currently attempting to solve the network issue.

A Word of Caution: Don't Fork During Weekend Hours

Peter Szilagyi, Ether developer, confirmed that certain developers including Casey Detrio and Anton Nashatyrev are currently able to access Ropsten’s Geth server however others such as Martin Swende are unable to participate and are temporarily offline. In response, Schoeden stated that looking back on the scheduled launch, it may not have been the best choice to implement the upgrade during weekend hours.

Ropsten's network remains frozen as main developers continue to work towards setting up miners to activate Constantinople and help push the Ropsten block forward. For now, the impact of such a delay caused by the fork upgrade is undetermined. As the failure was directly caused by an insufficient number of miners needed to upgrade the server, the coding itself is yet to be comprehensively tested.

Identical Platform Offers Developers Secure Testing for Ether Upgrades

According to a report released by CoinDesk on the 12th October, Ether developers, who currently stand as the second largest blockchain network by market cap, had scheduled to launch Constantinople sometime in November. This upgrade will bring about significant changes to Ether’s network including the controversial reduction of miners rewards per block produced.

Mimicking Ether’s blockchain in almost every aspect, Ropsten can be utilized as a solution for Ether developers to test coding performance levels without needing to affect their main blockchain structure. In fact, the networks upgrade released in 2017 known as Byzantium, was also tested on Ropsten's platform four weeks prior to its release across Ethers main net.

2 years ago

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