ETH and BTC and Are Changing the Concept of Money

Luno Swanepoel, the esteemed stakeholder and co-innovator of Luno, shared his convictions about the future of money, stressing the complete extinction of all known banking systems due to the revolutionary potential of cryptocurrency. In a recent interview, he stated his beliefs that we are living through the restructuring of the entire financial system at present.


Today’s Banking

The investor is at peace with the current banking system and doesn’t harbor any grudges for governments, but he believes that the digital age will ultimately command a radical change that will lead to their definite demise. He doesn’t have a clear vision of how this power-shift will take place, but he’s certain that it’s already taking place and ETH and BTC as financial systems will become much more solid.

BTC is an influencer: it effects the real world based on how much is invested in predicting and gambling on its price which further supports the theory that it’s not just short-term fun and games, BTC is here to stay. Very soon in day-to-day dealings, people will be able to use it, and that’s our project, he said.

Luno is built on strong foundations, and the reason for its practicality and constant growth can be attributed to the team. The staff is primarily focused on efficiency, which helped the company reach their current status.

According to the London-based CMC, Luno takes the 92nd place in terms of biggest cryptocurrency count. Luno came to the crypto sector in 2013 and now is spreading its wings to Africa and forty countries globally, including Singapore and Nigeria, with a focus on Africa’s expansion. They boast more than 2 million active consumers all over the world.

It’s a recurring pattern among crypto experts to validate the future supremacy of digital currency.  One supporter is Malta’s PM Joseph Muscat, who praised cryptocurrency and exclaimed that it’s undoubtedly the unavoidable and undeniable future of everything and of  course the future of money. He believes this is due to blockchain serving as a gatekeeper against high-risk businesses, as mentioned in a United Nation session.

2 years ago

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