ETH Agency ConsenSys Bought a Firm Looking to Mine Asteroids

ConsenSys, a startup company that focuses on the development of ETH, carried out a purchase contract to take over an asteroid mining firm. In effect, the president and Chief Executive Officer of Planetary Resources, Chris Lewicki, and its general advisor, Brian Israel, are now a part of the team at ConsenSys. The exact details behind the deal were not shared publicly.


Planetary Resources was founded back in 2012 with the aim of mining asteroids to gain resources. Up until now, the company has released 2 satellites within our planet’s orbit, and that includes a successful testing round of an imager powered by infrared on the Arkyd-6 spacecraft. Despite these achievements, the agency suffered financially following a failure to obtain funding last June.

Space Endeavours

The founder of ConsenSys, Joe Lubin, expressed his admiration for the company based on its impressive record and leading talent. The decision to purchase it will allow ConsenSys to implement its space projects. Lubin noted that introducing space capability within the company’s environment mirrors the company’s views on the potential of ETH and how it can support in crafting new rules in our society through trustworthiness and assured results. He also states that this step shows the team’s belief in the democratization and decentralization of space projects to discover new potentials.

Lewicki expressed how he is proud of the accomplishments by the team. Planetary Resources, he continued, will go on working to broaden the scope of how humans influence our solar system. He further noted that over the past ten years, Planetary Resources has at the same time laid the groundwork for various sectors from tech and business to law and policy. Now, the promise behind accessing resources from space in closer than ever.

1 year ago

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