ETC Climbs Over Tron and Monero

Currently, Ethereum Classic has managed to jump past Monero and Tron and has set its sights on IOTA next. As of now, only a few announcements have been made by Coinbase regarding the cryptocurrency. On the 3rd of August, ETC saw its price climb from $14.2 USD to $16.9 USD following the announcement that Coinbase would be listing Ethereum Classic to its platform. Currently, ETC stands over Monero and Tron at the 11th ranking, with Tron coming in at 12th and Monero right behind.

The Last Phase

On the 7th of August, Coinbase announced perfecting the last trial for ETC on its platform. Making the announcement through Twitter, the company said that after concluding the final tests for ETC, the cryptocurrency is now operational on Coinbase Pro. Once liquidity manages to skyrocket on ETC, it will be available on

After its complete release on, many believe that Ethereum’s price will jump and its total market capitalization of $1.7B and daily trading volume of $549M may also see climbs of their own. Currently, IOTA still leads ahead of ETC, although Monero and Tron are closely following behind with both latter cryptocurrencies possession $1.67B and $1.66B. However, ETC may soon surpass its current total market cap at any minute.

An additional factor to the climb in ETC also comes as a result of Robinhood announcing that ETC has been launch and is currently tradable on its platform. The platform itself has also spread its reach to California, Missouri and other states, including 19 in total.

Additionally, Coinbase maintains a positive influence on the cryptocurrency environment in general. It seems like whenever an announcement is made regarding coins and their listing or value, the price is bound to climb immensely.

2 years ago

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