EOS Unique Accounts Rise by 500% to Reach 60,000

The number of unique users of the popular EOS blockchain network has now reached 60,000, with the total number of accounts now at 430,000. The DApp network is continuously growing in popularity even though it had seen some governance problems.


A Sudden Spike in Numbers

Ben Sigman, an expert in blockchain tools, posted the analysis on his Twitter account showing a noticeable spike in the growth rate within the EOS platform. He claims to have been inspecting the network for some time.

It is clear from his statistics that the rise of active users on the platform has significantly grown within the past 2 weeks. The peak arrived on 24 October when the number reached 60,000 users. It is expected that the present EOS users of 430,000 will rise again during the upcoming weeks and also in the next few months.

Praise for EOS

Sigman’s analysis seems to have attracted some responses on Twitter. Many of those who commented on the post were commending the network for reaching this milestone and talking positively about the company.

One of the users stated that the platform is resistant to Sybil because tokens are required for transactions and that’s why he saw these metrics to be quite impressive.

It was reported that new DApps have been constantly entering the platform. Top crypto exchange platform Bitfinex has recently revealed a decentralized exchange based on EOS called EOSfinex.

Even though it seemed instantly successful, there were some factors that were holding it back. One user wanted to reach Everipedia, the biggest blockchain-based digital encyclopedia and said there were technical barriers to entry on the platform

1 year ago

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