EOS Climbs and Ethereum Barely Holds On

Although rivalries between cryptocurrencies are often on a grand-scale, these rivalries remain an important aspect as investors and crypto operators continue expressing hesitation and nervousness due to the incredible number of newly released cryptocurrencies seen recently.


Bitcoin remains the dominating digital coin throughout the entire industry. Right behind, Ethereum has effectively given traditional financial institutions a much harder time competing and is one of the many major altcoins to Bitcoin. Recently, through new and improved platforms being released like EOS and NEO, the top leading coins are showing growing concerns.

Bitcoin was released in 2009 with massive success and drops in the following years as the only alternative to the banking industry. With Ripples launch in the crypto industry, further advancement towards the industry is seen as a measurement of development as opposed to the rivalry. 

Among the most distinguished blockchain platforms to enter the industry is Ethereum. Released publically in 2015, the platform has gained an enormous user base through its digital contract features and its native coin, Ether. While news of a new public blockchain with incredible features sparked interest and excitement among potential users, for competing for blockchains it poses more bumps in the road.


Launched this year, the new EOS cryptocurrency has climbed greatly through as an enthusiast favorite due to the incredibly attractive features provided on a decentralized contract platform. EOS’ test phase posed serious issues during its transition to the Mainnet and developers have made an incredible amount of development since its official launch.

As with most new blockchains, the official launch also had its fair share of bugs although the technical errors were resolved within hours and EOS now stands as NEO’s biggest competitor. While other major blockchains are still actively operating, as usual, EOS is presenting a much more efficient operation.

1 year ago

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