Enigma Announces Launch of New Test-Phase Platform

Enigma, an intelligence company based in New York, is currently testing a new blockchain program designed to facilitate private contracts between users. As per their announcements, this brings the startup to its final stage before officially launching the platform.

Designed by MIT, the technology itself was based on a published report from 2015.

Through the launch of its new network, the company now represents itself as a mediator for confidential contracts between users operating on its blockchain. The tech is designed to disguise any trace of an initiated contract and allow the platform to process these contracts without revealing any sensitive information regarding each transaction


Several warnings regarding the technology were made by the company, saying that development of the infant-stage technology was inconsistent and unpredictable. The platform isn’t a replication of other frameworks, it’s a completely new and distinguished system.

Many investors and potential users are expressing interest in the blockchain technology. A partnership with Intel was also made to continue developing the framework, including many applications designed to operate on it.

The final stage of the framework is set to launch a few months after the test phase is concluded.

2 years ago

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