The Empowering Launch of an EOS Alliance

The launch was supported by over 30 producers and a significant number of stakeholders. By the next year, the alliance will have assigned board members from various backgrounds and countries. They aim to add an element of transparency in the decision-making process within their board and the EOS community.


The main motive behind the EOS Alliance, as stated to the press, is to elevate the community to become more official, provide more support to each member, provide the ability to communicate in various languages to fit the needs of members interested in participating in a recent trend or debate without barriers. However, the alliance states they have no governance over EOS structures.

In the meantime, members include some very big names, such as the chairman of BTC Foundation, Brock Pierce, AKON, the music artist, Galia Bernatzi, CFO of LiquidEOS,  Hai Feng, and ODX founder Nix Nolledo.

The board decided that the organization is planned to be a non-profit, and they are in the process of legalizing it in that manner.


The organization board management is in process of obtaining funding. Each of the members is fundraising as a main priority. All the financials will be transparent and visible to everyone for the next 6 months. The alliance has successfully raised a suitable amount for 90 days of initial sustainability, but the fundraising will not cease until they reach their goal.

They have announced that their cap annual budget $1 million, but they might be willing to contribute more depending on the future of the Alliances.

The main mission is to make conversation easier when it comes to managing codes, dealing with disputes and communicating with different language-speaking members.

As the fastest regulated blockchain EOS publisher,, was faced with difficulties launching the app in June, they began to financially reward people who could spot early bugs.

The latest release, however, is built upon the idea of helping developers have a better experience while trying to work with the EOS system.

2 years ago

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