Elon Musk Tweets about Bitcoin, Gets Blocked by Twitter

Founder of SpaceX and famed tech entrepreneur and one-time Satoshi Nakamoto suspect Elon Musk, wrote a cryptic tweet about Bitcoin  that’s taking communities by storm yet again. The vague statement left people scratching their heads both in the cryptocurrency community and on social media platforms, and it even pushed Twitter to block his account due to suspicions that it might have been hacked.

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Today, in reply to an influential Tweeter’s thread saying that he loves anime, Musk commented with a picture that has the BTC logo and asks if he wants to buy some bitcoin.

The source of the anime picture used in the tweet is Cryptocurrency Girl; a site morphing the most famous cryptocurrencies into illustrated anime characters.  

With more than 3,000 retweets and almost 10,000 likes within a few hours, it was no surprise that his tweet made some instant news on social media.

Twitter was as baffled as everyone else by the tweet, and for awhile believed that his account. had been commandeered

Fraudulent accounts have been made under Musk’s name due to his high profile, sometimes even with paid advertisements, in the name of giving pseudo crypto gifts, and it’s very likely that Elon was laughing right in the scammers’ faces and intentionally delivering a message.

However, a joke or not, major cryptocurrency names, like the creator of Binance, Zhao Changpeng have reared their heads to tease Elon back and poking at his tweet to see what comes out.

Zhao showed some sharp trading skills by telling Musk that if he deals in crypto, he will buy a Tesla from him. Time stutters, but it eventually tells the truth.

2 years ago

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