Elon Musk Requests DOGE’s Inventor to assist stop Cryptocurrency fraud Spamming

The Chief Executive of SpaceX and Tesla, Elon Musk has requested Jackson Palmer, the creator of DOGE, to assist in battling "irritating" crypto con artists on Twitter via a post on the same network on 17th  Sept.

Saying to Palmer in his tweet, Musk posted:

@ummjackson if you can assist to stop these irritating fraud spam messages, I will really appreciate

DOGE CEO answered very quickly, telling the SpaceX billionaire to contact him via his inbox. The maker of Dogecoin guaranteed to pass on to Musk the commands that will take care of the issue:

Once you message me (your direct messages will not be public), I will reply with a series of commands – they’re brief, basic and you simply run them with cron on some place

It seems Musk answered immediately because in no time J.Palmer posted back saying:

Musk has the list of commands... we had an insightful conversation about how Twitter’s CEO and his entire group need to mechanize and settle these issues from their internal systems

Two months ago, a post on Twitter by Elon Musk apparently indicated that the SpaceX CEO is tickled by fraud spams imitating popular individuals as well as Musk himself. The spams aim to con Ethereum and different digital currencies from online users. He at that point said: "I need to identify the individual sending the Ethereum scam spams! Wild skills"

The SpaceX CEO isn't the main popular individual to have been mimicked by fraudulent spams. Different fake profiles have been created on the Social media attempting to act like LTC CEO Charlie Lee, as revealed in Jan this year, as more cons mimicked the President and creator of Telegram, Pavel Durov.

Early this month, the Chief executive of Twitter, Jack Dorsey proposed that his organisation may utilize blockchain innovation to battle deception and frauds on its network.

Regardless of Jackson Palmer being mentioned by the creator of Tesla and SpaceX, DOGE's value and cap have not changed in the course of recent 24-hours, as per CoinMarketCap information. In any case, the start of this month the cryptocoin had a surge, as it observed a noteworthy rise of 135 % in just 3 days.

2 years ago

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