Element Group Claims Bitcoin as First Beneficiary of Institutional Funds

The digital asset industry is riddled to the brim with what many refer to as “dead coins”. As many continue to anticipate the eventual flooding of institutional funding into the cryptocurrency scene, just as many are asking questions as to where all the money will go.

Thejas Nalval of Element Group claims that Bitcoin will be the number one beneficiary of these funds. The group is confident that Bitcoin will be the first to receive massive funding once investors finally decide to pour their money into the market.

The director of Element Group has explained where his prediction comes from, saying that by simply studying the numbers, Bitcoin continues to present the largest candidacy for future investments due to its massive market cap- the largest in the cryptocurrency industry.

Bullish Attitude

Neval himself is a big supporter of Bitcoin. According to him, the leading cryptocurrency provides all the evidence required to maintain his bullish attitude given that it possesses all the essential requirements to be the top candidate in the crypto world.

He says his continuous belief in Bitcoin comes from the massive, extremely supportive investment community surrounding the digital currency as well as the continuing development behind it.

All evidence points to Bitcoin as the ideal recipient of the predicted future investments due to its lesser, yet unstable, nature in a market known for its volatility.

2 years ago

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