An Editorial Issued By The WEF Indicates That Bitcoin Cash Conforms With Satoshi Nakamoto’s Ideals

The BTC white paper celebrated its 10th anniversary. That is when the Global Economic Forum gave its opinion about the entire blockchain industry. The editorial suggests that only Bitcoin cash is in line with Nakamoto’s dream. The other currencies are yet to attain its vision.


The WEF is an international non-profit entity. Its headquarters are situated in Geneva Switzerland. The foundation has been in existence for almost four decades. The organization holds its yearly conferences in Davos, Switzerland.

On 31st October, Bitcoin celebrated ten years of its existence. Dr. Jack Rogers published an editorial for the WEF where he explained the brief history of Bitcoin. The article elaborated how BTC commenced its operations and what it intends to attain in the future.

The author of the editorial is a lecturer in the department of economics at Exeter University in the UK. The WEF additionally disclosed that the article had been written in partnership with The Conversation. The latter is a media outlet in Melbourne.

WEF Releases A Tweet To Its Followers

On November 4, the WEF sent the tweet to over 3.3 million supporters with the hope of promoting the editorial.

The WEF tweet favored BCH by praising it as a better option to other cryptocurrencies. It suggested that it is closely associated with Nakamoto’s long-term vision. Therefore, it means that it would be the most favored digital money by Nakomoto.

BCH is also known to have an upcoming hard-fork. Bitcoin shares the same procedure and a similar past with the exception of two essential features. The original Bitcoin is 32 times smaller than the blocks on its chain. Customers are expected to pay lesser fees per trade when they have many transactions per block. This feature is likely to attract more users because they will save costs while executing digital transactions.

However, a majority of individuals in the cryptocurrency industry do not agree with this opinion. The editorial also fails to mention Bitcoin. This indicates that the WEF may not be aware of the entire history of BTC and last year’s had fork which led to the development of Bitcoin cash.

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