Dubai’s Head of Police: Cryptos will take over Fiat regardless of the obstacles

A high ranking Dubai police official has anticipated that not before long advanced money will substitute real money, as revealed by a national publication on 16th Sept.


Talking amid a board he was leading, Lt-Gen Dhahi Khalfan Tamim, representative administrator of the Dubai law enforcement and head of national security in the country, stated that obstacles that hinder  cryptocurrencies to be a standard form of payment is the lack of knowledge and inadequate methods to prevent crypto-related crime.

" in computerized forms of money will constantly be queried as long as its origin and its follow up framework stay obscure," 

the publication quotes the head of police.

This city in U.A.E has taken a dynamic position on digital money as well as blockchain control in the recently past years, with the exceedingly announced Blockchain Policy and government enthusiasm has put the city impressively in a leading position compared of its neighbors in the area.

Amid the board, other top officials reverberated Tamim's energy, contending that the U.A.E should introduce an 

"advanced U.A.E digital money utilizing blockchain innovation."

Others were more reasonable, Dr. Saeed Al Dhaheri, executive of Smart World, an advanced smart services supplier is prompting for guidelines to be set up in what is seen as an industry with many challenges.

"For each one effective computerized exchange, there are five fizzled monetary standards," 

the publication cites him as mentioning.

A week ago, reports developed that U.A.E legislators would shortly embrace official guidelines relating to both fintech and Initial Coin Offerings.

2 years ago

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