Dubai Real Estate to Be Revolutionized Using Blockchain Technology

Cryptech, a company that excels in advisory and investment solutions for institutes aims at introducing new benefits to the real estate market in Dubai, as well as providing more attention and drawing in further business.


According to the company’s director, Omar Jackson, stated that Cryptech aims at revolutionizing Dubai into becoming an international hub for technology and innovation and introduce several new opportunities for the economy in many different aspects through authentic validation and enhanced transparency.

As a blockchain company, Cryptech introduces its clientele of individuals and companies to a vast array of technological exploration and is located in London and Dubai. As the director states, the biggest and leading institutional investors are constantly seeking these services and that through an introduction to them, it will provide a whole new level of trust between investors and Dubai’s real estate market. The company has also been completely supportive of the government and are opening paths for new investors.

Omar adds that tokenizing property will allow investors to acquire segments of a property as opposed to the entire thing. Given their tradable nature, these property parts can be exchange online instantly and promoting Dubai’s real estate industry for more customers and investors on a global scale. He also believes that a new opportunity like this will provide more accessibility to those that are often lacking sufficient funds to partake in the market. Customers and investors will see a $1000 minimum limit for trading these acquisitions unlike before when only financial institutes could gain access to these trades.

Berkeley Assets placed Omar Jackson as the director of the company following its acquisition by BA. Berkeley is also directly involved in real estate, hospitality technology and more, presenting an extensive track record of their heavy investments into these sectors. He adds that the company aims to act as a means of providing investors with cryptocurrency trading services and startup investment as a means of revamping the global business industry through blockchain-tech.

The four leading digital currencies in the world are also traded by Cryptech, in addition to its numerous investments and contributions to any blockchain-based company. Among the four currencies it offers are BTC, ETH, XRP and LTC.

2 years ago

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