Dubai Customs Hosts Blockchain-Based Workshop

The Dubai Customs division has issued an organized conference for workers within their blockchain tech and customs sector. The conference lasted a span of four days and featured Chris Benet, an industry figure and Aenea founder, who is one of the most vocal supporters of blockchain tech development. A total of sixty-eight attendees participated during the event each of whom are employed in various sectors of the city's Customs division.


Supporting Regional Blockchain Implementation

The conference was hosted by the director of Business Innovation Department, Hussam Mohammed, alongside Benet who covered topics including uses and investment strategies of blockchain tech used within the supply-chain and various customs divisions. During his presentation, Benet covered real-life use cases pertaining to the technology’s potential.

During the conference, attendees were split into groups in order to create and develop scenarios in which the emerging technology could be used within the field. According to Mohammed, Dubai has become a globalized city that attracts international investment, as well as, tourism and is a hub for international business.

Major Plans for Blockchain Tech in Dubai

The government plans to carry out a major shift towards using blockchain for all applicable uses by the year 2020. According to TradeArabia News Service reports, He also noted that blockchain is comparable to a new and improved operating system that encompasses a vision of decentralization. This will lead to a boost in trust among participants of information flows.

1 year ago

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