Dropping Markets Result in Death of Theresamaycoin

As of now, the Theresamaycoin is officially considered as a dead cryptocurrency following its massive losses as a result of the suffering market. Currently, the coin is a failed project. Initially, the cryptocurrency was designed as a payment method last year. As a very simple concept, it would be used for fund transfers across the entire blockchain.

The Coin

As officially stated of the coin’s website, the Theresamaycoin is the IOM and utilizes peer-to-peer tech as a means of operating as a decentralized system and the entire network is involved in overlooking transactions and distribution of the coin on its network. Additionally, clear transparency is granted through its open-source design and is controlled by no one while remaining accessible to every participant.

Theresamaycoin has never been viewed as a serious cryptocurrency although its widespread status and parody-like nature towards the British government did help the coin with some support and a reputation. During the spike of cryptos in 2018, the coin achieved a total market cap of $400K and acquired its record high of $0.017.

As a result of the bear-dominated market and the heavy decline in BTC’s price, Theresamaycoin has dipped to $0.000506 on the market, essentially making the coin worthless and adding it to a record of dead cryptocurrencies which also consists of failed Initial Coin Offerings and exit strategy scams. As is commonly known in the crypto community, alternative coins rarely see significant success.

While a chance for a sudden boom in price and popularity could occur at any second, Theresamaycoin failed to achieve this. This displays a seriousness among the community towards cryptocurrencies, as parody or comedic coins like this have proven to fail consistently. This proves as positive news for cryptocurrency adoption supports as more awareness and dedication is being displayed towards crypto.

2 years ago

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