Dogecoin Collects 8,000 Signatures in Petition to Amazon

The community supporting Dogecoin began a petition on, a website that hosts various campaigns, to request that Amazon add crypto to its payment method options. The petition is addressed to the giant’s Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Bezos, directly.


Mark E., an American member, attempted to convince the multi-national corporation to accept payments using Dogecoin, as the digital currency can provide fast payments at a relatively low transaction fee. Mark started his petition referring to as a leader of new ideas and creativity.

He also explained how Dogecoin would be a great choice for Amazon if they were to start adopting cryptocurrency payments. He believes that Dogecoin stands out between the rest of the major cryptocurrencies due to their transaction speed, low cost, and stability. They also have a large provision of coins that can promote growth in the long term.

In addition, Mark added that plenty of SMEs and charities are using Dogecoin in their tradings. The community specifically chose Amazon as their first target as they would be more likely to experiment with Dogecoin.

Unlike the previous appeals made by the community, this one had 8295 signatures in total thus far. When originally aimed for Google Play, they only had 1463 signatures and the petition was accepted, while their petition to other crypto exchanges has reached 2706 for now.

The appeal to Amazon was also sent while the digital currency is showing over 50% rise in value.

Amazon Potential

Amazon has not officially announced any plans for involving crypto in their payment scheme. However, they stand in the top spot of the world's retail platforms, rank number 83 among 2000 largest companies worldwide on Forbes, and they are highly likely to accept petitions due to a large number of signatures.

Even if cryptocurrency payments have no probability of being accepted on the short-term, Amazon might allow their gift voucher system on Bitrefill to be purchased with cryptocurrency.

In fact, in November 2017, Amazon purchased a trio of new domain names:,, as well as This indicated to many that they are starting to adopt the idea, while others believe the purchases were just to prevent scammers from trying to phish Amazon’s customers in the future.

2 years ago

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