DLT May Possibly Draw in $5B to India’s Economy Over 5 years

According to NASSCOM, India’s economy stands to see $5 billion in profit added to its economy through the utilization of blockchain. NASSCOM has continuously support DLT for a long time and is in charge of software development and service providing companies within India.



VP of NASSCOM, KS Viswanathan stated that bitcoin’s founding technology, blockchain, may possibly boost the economy by around $5 billion within India during the next five years. Several costs will be cut and transparency, as well as economic productivity and innovation, will be a result of DLT integration.

The vice president said that blockchain-tech is growing in the Indian economy and industry. According to him, promoting more adoption of the tech and how it seamlessly facilitates everyday transactions and more will bring in more insight to the economy and its booming potential. He added that several factors were hindering the development and acceptance of DLT, like a lack of knowledge regarding the tech and a lacking computer platform. According to him, India currently houses around 20 to 30 successful blockchain-related projects.

Viswanathan is also spearheading NASSCOM’s 10000 Startup plan and has actively tried to promote further funding and investment in these startups based on blockchain as a means of feeding the economy and aiding in its development. NASSCOM has collaborated with the BRI in Canada to promote a wealth of informative content for those looking to be involved.

Canada’s Blockchain Research Institute is also collaborating with NASSCOM to promote the company’s NIPP challenge, set to span over 36 hours and will gather experts and qualified individuals from all over to design and create new use cases for blockchain. The VP also adds that this will provide a perfect chance to promote adoption, education, and development of blockchain within India.

The company’s main priorities lie within aiding skills related to DLT, expanding its adoption and awareness as well as the transfer of global research reports through blockchain-tech as a means of enhancing the introduction of DLT into the economy. Another project by NASSCOM, FutureSkills, has been launched as a platform that you enhance over two million employees and academics, updating their knowledge and information regarding the tech. An additional two million with also be involved throughout the coming years.

2 years ago

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