DISH to Begin Accepting Payments in Bitcoin Cash

In an announcement made on the 13th of August, DISH, a well-known company providing satellite services, will now enable customers to pay in Bitcoin Cash. DASH has already accepted Bitcoin as a method of payment since 2014 and has now added BCH to its roster.

The New “Member”

EVP and acting Chief Operating Officer of the company spoke about the latest payment method addition. He states that the company decided to start accepting Bitcoin Cash just as they’ve accepted BTC in 2014 to provide the company’s clients and customers that use BCH in general. He continues to say that the company currently maintains a positive supply of customers that choose to pay with digital currencies and Bitpay will enable the company to provide their customers with more convenient choices.

Customers of the company can pay for their monthly subscription through BTC or BCH, however, payment in this method is considered a single payment as opposed to continuing subscription payment often seen with credit cards. An additional part of the announcement by the company reveals that DISH has chosen to transition to BitPay and the company’s crypto-payment processor.

CCO of Bitpay, Sonny Singh, spoke about the new collaboration, saying that BitPay’s aim for DISH is to facilitate a flawless and efficient transition to BitPay to ensure that every customer currently subscribed or paying for their services with crypto can continue being offered the same methods of pay with BCH or BTC. He adds that digital currencies are continuously growing in popularity and many are introducing them as viable payments. Cryptocurrencies also cut down on the risks of scams and are most cost-efficient for merchants.

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