DigitalTown Recruits Silvio Pupo as an Advisor


DigitalTown, a company focused on blockchain-tech and dApps for digital or Smart cities has recruited Silvio Pupo as an advisor and the latest addition to its team. Pupo is the current acting President of the GBA in Miami and Chief Executive Officer of Logos Capital. With his addition, the new advisor extends incredible experience and expertise of company development, consultancy on finance and international social and environmental investment.


DigitalTown is made up of a local search engine and local possession by CityShares which offers a zero-cost digital wallet for payment transactions and platforms for communities to join together. All of this is designed to lift back the resource extraction economy by providing local communities with the support they require. 

DigitalTown provides the ability for any avenue, be it a city or a town, across the globe to local alternatives to companies like Google, Airbnb, PayPal and several others, offering incredibly cheaper rates and provides access of a 24/7 operational platform online and on mobiles via its application without charging the community. 

Chief Executive Officer of DT, Rob Monster, has stated that the addition of Silvio Pupo invaluable expertise and impressive track record will provide its board of advice with a significant head start by utilizing his experience. Pupo and DigitalTown go hand in hand in their ultimate goal of developing economies and aiding less-equipped communities by creating more just, robust and maintainable societies around the world.

The CEO adds that Pupo’s expertise involving Miami has grabbed their attention as part of the continued widespread across the United States and his experience will aid DigitalTown in providing its services to more than twenty thousand locations around the world with the main focus on disadvantaged towns and cities.

Speaking himself, Silvio stated that his dedication to all his work has made him joyous over helping DigitalTown by providing his expertise to create a global movement for a better world. He adds that both he and DigitalTown share an ultimate goal of giving power back to local communities both financially and informatively in an attempt to create digital cities on a public blockchain. 

2 years ago

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