Digital Mining Through Browsers Producing $250K+ Monthly

Research conducted recently has revealed that the CoinHive digital currency internet browsers mining algorithm is resulting in over$250K worth in Monero tokens on a monthly basis. Additionally, the more interesting factor is that these points are dispersed among a minor group of only ten participants.

Mining through browsers

Conducting the research through the Aachen University in Germany, three expert academics, Jan Zimmermann, Konrad Wosling and Oliver Hohlfeld observed online activity as a means of gaining insight into the how mining for cryptocurrencies through internet browsers would affect its related industry. Plenty of data was acquired through the research, however, the highlighted piece of information among them all was that XMR (Monero tokens) were responsible for over 75% of the entire browser mining operations. Additionally, a significant majority of those miners were located on adult entertainment sites.

CoinHive sees a bigger amount of mining through browsers than any other. CoinHive is essentially a very scandalous and controversy-centered script that secretly mines for the cryptocurrency known as Monero through an internet browser. The script infects almost any computer by accidentally opening an unsecured website or other means.  Several websites online have also officially announced using the script to fund their business although, on a positive note, many charities have also used CoinHive to support honest initiatives. CoinHive has both, the good and the bad when it comes to being utilized.

More so, the research took a deeper look into the stats behind the entire hashing rate and network, determining that CoinHive, on its own, was responsible for over 300 Monero coins per week, equal to around $24K. However, CoinHive is not the only application utilized for malicious intent, although it owns just over one percent of all mining with bots on Monero’s network. Through a monthly analysis, CoinHive generates about 1271 mined XMR tokens even though the coin’s rate of exchange is never consistent and is usually climbing or declining just like any other coin.

As of now, XMR is worth just shy of $90 USD in value, a significant drop from its ATH at almost $400 on the market. With these values in mind, research has stated that CoinHive is reportedly mining $250K worth per month and with around 30 percent in total being kept, this accumulates to almost a whopping $1M USD per year.


CoinHive can very simply be introduced and operates through small links that do not relocate a user to another website but instead send commands to begin mining and can vary in size as the creator chooses so. Additionally, according to the research, around two million of these links are supporting XMR mining activities as of right now. Even though many of them are quickly concluded, usually within minutes, a majority are often too strong in terms of hashing and may even damage or hinder a device.

These are also majorly found on several different adult websites and also direct users to suspicious websites although the most eye-catching discovery is that it seems that only ten individuals, part of a small group, are the ones receiving the entirety of mined XMR through browsers.

Self Defense

As the research has uncovered, around 200K routers have been infected with an enhanced version of CoinHive that consistently operates on every single webpage visited by a user and the new scripts have set their targets on every user on the internet. MinerBlock is an extension online that can be added to your browser to protect your computer from possible mining scripts.

2 years ago

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