Didier Drogba, Football Star, Becomes Latest Celebrity Crypto Advertiser

Didier Drogba, the Ivorian football legend has just become’s representative figure. Ambassador to digital currency platform, operates by reimbursing any users with shared profits gained through advertising.



In an interview, the football superstar spoke about his support and dedication to the new platform. Dressed in the platforms brand-name as essentially a walking advertisement given his incredible reputation, this opportunity even more representation for both parties.


Artak Toymasyan,’s founder claimed a fundraising worth over $30M during the website's launch. As per reports, the founder will launch an ICO during Q4 in 2018. During another interview, he said that was the first of its kind as a virtual platform connecting a social network to a digital currency bank as well as a trading platform. As he states, previous projects would collect and keep any revenue from advertisements and plans on equally distributing them to users.


Half of the revenue generated will be shared with users. Many key aspects will come into play as to the distribution of these profits, including user activating, rating and quality of content. In 2015, was first conceived as an idea and has a total market cap of $100M.



Many of the world’s most recognized athletes and celebrity figures have joined in on the cryptosphere. Earlier this year, football icon James Rodriguez also revealed his new digital coin, the JR10 as a means of expanding his status and drawing in more fans. SelfSell was the chosen partner in designing JR10 and handling its technology.


Taking to social media, he said that Manny Pacquiao, one of the most distinguished boxers in the world has also created PAC, his very own crypto coin. Efforts were made with GCOX to create the coin and Pacquiao is the company’s first-ever investor.

2 years ago

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